2016 Projects

http://sst2016-s201iss-a.blogspot.sg/          Development and Calibration of an Arduino Based Temperature Sensor
http://sst2016-s201iss-b.blogspot.sg/          Investigation Of Iodine Clock Reaction Times With Different Concentrations Of Hydrogen Peroxide (EZ A*STAR Science Fair 2016)
http://sst2016-s201iss-c.blogspot.sg/          Investigation on the effect of gravity on plant growth
http://sst2016-s201iss-d.blogspot.sg/          Investigation of the effect of acids on curdling of milk
http://sst2016-s201iss-e.blogspot.sg/          Investigation of angle of attack on lift on wings
http://sst2016-s201iss-f.blogspot.sg/          Investigation of the effect of temperature on the adhesiveness of glue
http://sst2016-s201iss-g.blogspot.sg/         Measurement of Zero Kelvin 
http://sst2016-s201iss-h.blogspot.sg/         Investigation of the effect of temperature on the elasticity of rubber
http://sst2016-s201iss-j.blogspot.sg/          Investigating the Wi-fi speed in SST

http://sst2016-s202iss-a.blogspot.sg/         Investigation of the effectiveness of different hand sanitisers
http://sst2016-s202iss-b.blogspot.sg/         Investigation of the different types of dyes in three colours of skittles
http://sst2016-s202iss-c.blogspot.sg/         Investigation of the effect of the amount of liquid starch on the strength of recycled paper
http://sst2016-s202iss-d.blogspot.sg/         Investigation of lightning occurrences using an AM radio
http://sst2016-s202iss-e.blogspot.sg/         Investigation of the effect of oxidation on cooking wine
http://sst2016-s202iss-f.blogspot.sg/          Investigation of how the use of mouthwash affects the number of visible major bacteria colonies
http://sst2016-s202iss-g.blogspot.sg/         Investigation of the effect of surfactants on the effervescence of carbonated drinks (WZ Students' Science Fair 2016)
http://sst2016-s202iss-h.blogspot.sg/         Development of a Muscle Enhancing Mechanical Exoskeleton
http://sst2016-s202-j.blogspot.sg/              Investigation of the effect of temperature on the rate of rust

http://sst2016-s203iss-a1.blogspot.sg/       Investigation of Solar Flares through Low Frequency emissions (Singapore Youth Science Fair 2016-Accomplishment)
http://sst2016-s203iss-b.blogspot.sg/        Investigation of the effect of wind speed on the rate of transpiration of celery
http://sst2016-s203iss-c.blogspot.sg/        Investigation on the effect of microwave exposure on the growth of bread mould  (WZ Students' Science Fair 2016)
http://sst2016-s203iss-d.blogspot.sg/        Investigation of the turbidity of water along different locations along Sungei Ulu Pandan
http://sst2016-s203iss-e.blogspot.sg/        Investigation of the effect of CO2 concentrations on the temperature of a gas
http://sst2016-s203iss-f.blogspot.sg/         Investigation on the energy efficiency of different draw bridge types
http://sst2016-s203iss-g.blogspot.sg/        Measurement of the speed of sound using stationary waves
http://sst2016-s203iss-h.blogspot.sg/        Investigation of the effect on sodium citrate on the coagulation of sodium alginate balls
http://sst2016-s203iss-j.blogspot.sg/         Measurement of the mass of Jupiter using Kepler’s law
http://sst2016-s203iss-k.blogspot.sg/        Investigation of the effect of shock absorbance of different insoles

http://sst2016-s204iss-a.blogspot.sg/        Investigation of the effect of preservatives on the growth of bacteria
http://sst2016-s204iss-b.blogspot.sg/       Investigation of the effect of brands of dishwashing liquid on the growth of bacteria on utensils
http://sst2016-s204iss-c.blogspot.sg/       Development of an AM transceiver radio
http://sst2016-s204iss-d.blogspot.sg/       Investigation of the effect of angle on the range of PET water bottle
http://sst2016-s204iss-e.blogspot.sg/       Investigation of the effect of salt on the growth of duckweed (Singapore Youth Science Fair 2016-Distinction)
http://sst2016-s204iss-f.blogspot.sg/       Investigation of the light spectrum of various light sources (EZ A*STAR Science Fair 2016)
http://sst2016-s204iss-g.blogspot.sg/       Investigation on the factors affecting the power output of a miniature wind-mill  (WZ Students' Science Fair 2016-Best Green Project in Lower Secondary Category)
http://sst2016-s204iss-h.blogspot.sg/       Development Of A Solar-Powered Car
http://sst2016-s204iss-j.blogspot.sg/        Investigation of the effect of temperature on the pH value of milk
http://sst2016-s204iss-k.blogspot.sg/       Development of a Obstacle-Avoiding Robotic Car

http://sst2016-s205iss-a1.blogspot.sg/        Investigation of the effect of frequency on the resonance effect of sound in an open pipe (Singapore Youth Science Fair 2016-Accomplishment)
http://sst2016-s205iss-b.blogspot.sg/          Investigation of the effectiveness of different cleaning agents
http://sst2016-s205iss-c.blogspot.sg/          Development of a sugar measuring device  (WZ Students' Science Fair 2016)
http://sst2016-s205iss-d.blogspot.sg/         Investigation of the effect of different soft drinks on the decay of calcium
http://sst2016-s205iss-e.blogspot.sg/          Investigations of the effects of pollutants on water plants
http://sst2016-s205iss-f.blogspot.sg/          Investigation of the effectiveness of a homemade mineral filter
http://sst2016-s205iss-g.blogspot.sg/          Investigation of the projectile of a badminton shuttlecock   
http://sst2016-s205iss-h.blogspot.sg/          Measurement of Planck’s Constant using LEDS  
http://sst2016-s205iss-j.blogspot.sg/          Investigation of the effect of colour of light on the production of starch in Balsa

http://sst2016-s206iss-a.blogspot.sg/          Investigation of the effect of design on the load-to-mass ratio of popsicle stick bridges (EZ A*STAR Science Fair 2016)
http://sst2016-s206iss-b.blogspot.sg/         Investigation of the effects of different cleaning agents on bacteria
http://sst2016-s206iss-c.blogspot.sg/         Investigation of the water quality in the residential, industrial and nature areas  (WZ Students' Science Fair 2016)
http://sst2016-s206iss-d.blogspot.sg/         Development of a Stirling Heat Engine
http://sst2016-s206iss-e.blogspot.sg/         Investigation of the effect of magnetic field on the growth of crystals
http://sst2016-s206iss-f.blogspot.sg/         Investigation of the effect of temperature on the diffusion rate of dyes
http://sst2016-s206iss-g.blogspot.sg/        Investigation on the oxidation time for different materials
http://sst2016-s206iss-h.blogspot.sg/        Investigation of the effect of Mentos on Carbonated drinks
http://sst2016-s206iss-j.blogspot.sg/         Investigation of the sound-proofing effect of different materials

http://sst2016-s207iss-a.blogspot.sg/        Development of a flood protection system  (WZ Students' Science Fair 2016)
http://sst2016-s207iss-b.blogspot.sg/        Development of a water filtering device
http://sst2016-s207iss-c.blogspot.sg/        Investigation of effect of temperature of coffee on the curdling of soy milk
http://sst2016-s207iss-d.blogspot.sg/        Investigation on refraction of light through different materials
http://sst2016-s207iss-e.blogspot.sg/        Investigation of the strength of different points on Chicken egg shell (EZ A*STAR Science Fair 2016)
http://sst2016-s207iss-f.blogspot.sg/        Investigation of the effect of impurities and temperature on the cooling of water
http://sst2016-s207iss-g.blogspot.sg/       Development of a eco-friendly home automation system  (WZ Students' Science Fair 2016)
http://sst2016-s207iss-h.blogspot.sg/       Investigation of bacteria in the SST canteen
http://sst2016-s207iss-j.blogspot.sg/        Investigation of the effect of electromagnetic waves on the growth of plants

http://sst2016-s208iss-a.blogspot.sg/       Development of a vertical green house
http://sst2016-s208iss-b.blogspot.sg/       Investigation of the effect of salt on the growth of water hyacinth
http://sst2016-s208iss-c.blogspot.sg/       Development of solar-powered aquaponics system
http://sst2016-s208iss-d.blogspot.sg/       Investigation of the smoke point of different types of oil
http://sst2016-s208iss-e.blogspot.sg/       Investigation on the salt absorption of Micranthemum Monte Carlo and Lemnoideae
http://sst2016-s208iss-f.blogspot.sg/       Investigation on the UV radiation emitted from different light bulbs
http://sst2016-s208iss-g.blogspot.sg/      Development of a water filtration system for the rural areas
http://sst2016-s208iss-h.blogspot.sg/      Investigation of the soil property in SST
http://sst2016-s208iss-j.blogspot.sg/       Investigation of the effect of humidity and temperature on the oxidation of apples


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