L26 - Data Analysis

Lesson 21

8. Data Analysis
* Process relevant data for meaningful interpretation of experimental results
* Present data in different types of graphs
* Using statistics and trend lines


Introduction (5 mins)
+ Teacher to ask students how would they analyse their data after collection.

Development (40 mins)
+ Teachers to highlight the awareness that different research methods requires different approaches of analysis.
+ Students are given some sample data for analysis. These samples will be similar to exam questions on data analysis.
+ Students plot different types of graphs:
(a)  Histograms for category data
(b)  Curves
(c)  Straight line graphs
+ Teachers to introduce to the students basic statistics:
(a)  taking averages, standard deviation and error bars. 
(b)  finding the trend lines
(c)  calculate gradient and y-intercepts for straight line graphs
Conclusion (5 mins)
+ Teacher remind students that the knowledge learnt in Physics, Chemistry and Biology are relevant to the ISS data analysis skills. 

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