L13 - Lab Safety

Lesson 13

Strategies employed

1.Connect (Hook and Hold) (5 mins)
+ Welcome the students into the lab
+ Inform students the periods that they are supposed to report to the lab for lessons

2.Acquire and Make meaning (Receive Knowledge and skills, and understanding learning outcomes) (40 mins)

Lab safety instructions 
+ Distribute the lab safety instructions prepared by the HOD Science
+ Conduct the safety briefing according to the safety instructions 

Familiarize with lab SOP for projects
+ They will be able to visit the lab outside the normal school hours as well to prepare for the research. 
+ The lab safety rules applies and students are NOT allowed to violate them. Serious disciplinary actions will be taken against them.
+ Students are allocated their space in the lab.
+ Dismiss the students from the labs.

3.Transfer (Formative checks, reflections, etc.) (5 mins)
+ Remind students to meet up with the lab staff the next lesson in preparation of their projects.

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