L4 - Literature Review

Lesson 4

Strategies employed

1.Connect (Hook and Hold) (5 mins)
+ Make sure that students have their learning device at hand to carry out the experiment.

2.Acquire and Make meaning (Receive Knowledge and skills, and understanding learning outcomes) (40 mins)

+ Literature Review or Background Research is the term used to look for information through books or internet. Refer to the following webpage for guides on searching for information:

+ Usually, the recommended search engines are Yahoo or Google or Google Scholar

+ Get students to search for at least 5 sources related to their chosen topic meeting the following requirements:
(a) 3 x online articles (From Google or other search engines)
(b) 1 x Book or ebook (From National Libraries, Info-hub, purchased, owned or borrowed)
(c) 1 x Journal or ejournal (From National Library or Google Scholar)
If you need to buy any ebooks or ejournals, please send me a link by email to tan_hoe_teck@sst.edu.sg

+ All 5 sources must be evaluated to be a good source based on the checklist found here:

3.Transfer (Formative checks, reflections, etc.) (5 mins)
+ Remind students to complete the task assigned above and keep the links/books with them for the next lesson.
+ As some of the books may not be with them now, they are encouraged to look for related books in the Info-hub or the National Libraries. If books cannot be borrowed, they should photocopy the cover page and the relevant pages within the book (but not more than 10% of the book) 

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